Time Portal

About the Sculpture

The Time Portal was built by the Steampunk scientists and engineers at the turn of the century, using Advanced Steampunk Technology, otherwise known as AST. As well they powered the portal with Pure Light Energy, given only by The Lord of Light. They set out to prove, or disprove the current theories of time travel. At the time it was only rumored that time and multiverse travel was something attainable, especially with the use of AST, Advanced Steampunk Technology. In a nut shell, it happens like this; the portal shrinks you down so small that you are able to pass through the portal, into another time dimension, which holds all the past and future events. That dimension exists right on the other side of the portal, inside a tiny teardrop crystal. Unfortunately, no one has ever returned from traveling through the Time Portal. Perhaps there were unforeseen challenges that couldn’t be anticipated. Hopefully someone will come back someday and tell us. Perhaps travelers found a better place in time to be and decided to stay a while. Well, the Time Portal remains open all the time, waiting for anyone who wants to come home. We’ll leave the light on.

This one-of-kind piece is available for purchase and currently accepting offers.

Asking Price: $25,000.00 minimum


Sculpture: Time Portal

Original: One-of-a-kind Artwork

Dimensions: W-22” D-21” H-18”

Weight: 50lbs.

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About Matt Skulski

Matt Skulski has discovered and embraced his creative genius with his unique sculptures, fine art and photography. His latest work revolves around a steampunk inspired story of The Lord of Light and Pure Light Energy, which has introduced amazing one-of-a-kind futuristic sculptures that are simply out of this world.

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