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Since the beginning of time,

The Lord of Light has existed as the designer, creator, and sustainer of the Universe and of Pure Light Energy. Pure Light Energy is by far the most powerful and purest form of energy throughout the known Universe, and this energy is available only to those who believe in and follow the Lord of Light. Pure Light Energy is first and foremost used to enlighten spiritually all those who come to the Lord of Light. True enlightened life and healing are given to all who accept the calling of the Lord of Light. He is the beacon of truth and light, that guides all towards eternity in Pure Light Energy. Only those who follow The Lord can receive, harness, and control Pure Light Energy.

There were many different cultures and communities that lived in the Kingdom of The Lord of Light, throughout the world. One particular group of followers was the Steampunk Community, and in some places were called steampunkers, or just punks. They advanced quickly in the Industrial Revolution and were the pioneers in discovering the technology to harness and use Pure Light Energy, or PLE, which is what we will refer to it as. The great thinkers, scientists, and visionaries of the Steampunk community developed the world-renowned Advanced Steampunk Technology, otherwise known as AST. Followers have learned how to provide actual light, drive machinery, provide heat, propel land, water, and air vessels. As well, PLE was developed into weaponry. This was all possible because of Advanced Steampunk Technology, AST.

PLE can provide light either by powering electric generators in the conventional way to create electricity, or it can power up special incandescent light bulb devices without the use of electricity. In the same way, it can power up special heating devices to heat buildings and residences, heat water to make steam for steam engines of course, drive furnaces in foundries and steel producing factories, and even to create fire. PLE can be converted into power to drive all types of machinery, including many types of transport vehicles. PLE has been developed through Advanced Steampunk Technology, to propel aircraft of many kinds, such as airships, drones, and speeder hovercrafts. This is made possible with the invention of PLEPU, Pure Light Energy Propulsion Units. This is one of the heights of Advanced Steampunk Technology. Most significantly, AST has developed PLE into weaponry. Yes, that’s right, The Lord of Light, the creator of love, peace, and kindness, has gifted man with the knowledge and ability to make weapons that kill and destroy by His source of power. He knows that there are battles to be won on earth, because of the depth of evil in the hearts of the followers of the Dark Lord. He simply wanted to guarantee that his followers would always be victorious in any earthly battle between good and evil. His choice.

Pure Light Energy Blasters, PLEBs, were the basic firearms of the Lord of Light’s army. These blasters have several different functions and come in an assortment of sizes and shapes. They can be gun cannons mounted on any speedercraft or battle craft, or hand held pistols, a shoulder mounted bazooka, the tip of a sword or spear, or a hand thrown grenade. They can be set on a stun mode or a killing mode. They can be set to destroy physical property, kill the entire inhabitants of a building without destroying the property. They can be set to knock out all the electronics in a building, without killing people. On that note, if you are a believer in The Lord of Light, you can not be harmed by any weaponry of PLE.

The most advanced and significant function of the PLEB is its ability to dispel evil darkness from any area on this planet or any other planet. A shot from the most powerful blast of certain PLEBs can reach targets up to 100 miles away, and when detonated, dispels evil and darkness for up to a 10 mile radius, for as long as 5 years. This will allow goodness and the power and presence of The Lord of Light to take hold of the people and their lands, and flourish in the ways of PLE.

Certain creatures are able to comprehend and consciously follow The Lord of Light, also benefiting from PLE. As well, hybrids of human, animal, and machine, along with various types of androids, can follow and be used in the Kingdom of The Lord of Light. All participated in and were greatly used and needed in the Punk Wars at the turn of the century. More about that will be discussed later.

The greatest enemy to the Kingdom of the Lord of Light was and is still the realm of the dark forces. But have no fear, all the evil forces in this world are no match to the ultimate power of The Lord of Light and Pure Light Energy.

The Punk Wars

Before we discuss the advanced application of AST and life within the Kingdom of the Lord of Light, let me educate you on the Punk Wars. Much of AST was spurred on by the readying for the approaching threat of war instigated by the Dark Empire. The root of all wars will be found in the spiritual realm, where the forces of good, driven by The Lord of Light and his host of angels, battle against the forces of evil, driven by the Dark Lord and his minions. As mentioned before, there is no match between The Lord of Light and the Dark Lord. The Lord of Light is far superior in every way to the Dark Lord, yet the Dark Lord still tries to prevail. Fools in vane. Why The Lord of Light doesn’t just annihilate the forces of evil from the Universe is beyond most people. Those enlightened by The Lord of Light understand that all are free to choose which side to live on, good or evil, so evil must exist in order for there to be a choice. This is The Way, the way the Creator set it up from the beginning. So from here, the dark spiritual forces use and direct the world inhabitants to wage war against each other. This is where the Punk Wars at the turn of the century came into being.

It was all about Advanced Steampunk Technology. The Steampunk community, along with other like minded people throughout the world were all followers of The Lord of Light, and blessed with Advanced Steampunk Technology. It became the most renowned technological advancement to this point in human history. This technology allowed the Steampunk science community to harness Pure Light Energy for the development of something as simple as lighting a light bulb, to building a defense system far superior to any of their enemies. The Dark Empire has been trying to annihilate the Steampunk community for years, all for the purpose of stealing their advanced technologies. The Punk Wars were the latest attempt by the Dark Empire to overthrow the Steampunkers and rob them of their God given gift of Advanced Steampunk Technology. It is important to know that it was the Dark Empire that instigated the wars. If the inhabitants living in the Kingdom of The Lord of Light had their way, they would rather live in peace times instead of war times. They were a peaceful and passive people, however when pushed, they could push back and usually for a victory over their enemies. What the Dark Empire failed to realize was that as long as they lived in the darkness, they would never receive the Pure Light Energy needed to use these advanced technologies, and nor would they be able to comprehend the science behind it. As it was, the Dark Empire lost the Punk Wars and to this day remains inferior to the rest of the world. All glory to The Lord of Light.

Human/Machine Hybrids

During the Punk Wars, the Dark Empire captured many of the Steampunk Visionaries, Scientists, Thinkers, and Artists, and beheaded them. They were hoping to torture them and extract the technologies and science from these great cultural and science icons. Failing to retrieve any useful information from their prisoners, they executed them all. So the Steampunk authorities set out to retrieve the heads of their great visionaries and thinkers, brought them back and merged them with machines in hopes of preserving the minds of these fallen cultural and scientific heroes. After all it was these minds that developed Advance Steampunk Technology, so they had to preserve them to continue their great works and discoveries. Thus were born the Human/machine Hybrids. (See the Visionary Lamp sculpture.) They successfully continued to develop Advance Steampunk Technology, passing on visions, dreams, and prophecies of the future. Many other human/machine blendings came about through AST, such as artificial mechanical limbs and internal body parts. Part human and part android was a common hybrid that eventually became an important part of the superior armed forces. (Check the Cyborg Mask Sculpture. It’s an Android Face Mask.)

Human/Creature Hybrids

Through Advanced Steampunk Technology Genetics, part human and part creature hybrids evolved. In the realm of the Shell Creatures, ruled by Queen Punk Snail, the need for these creatures to be more mobile opened up an entire technology of species blending. Using PLE, Queen Punk Snail, along with other shell creatures, developed abilities to hoover and move about with great speed and accuracy. Just as speedercrafts hovered and moved, some shell creatures use PLE for mobility. Amongst the amazing hybrids was Sir Nautilus, Captain of the Royal Guard for Queen Punk Snail. Sir Nautilus and his Royal Guard, along with a substantial army of hybrid human/shell creatures, formed the armies of Queen Punk Snail and her queendom. They used PLE weaponry to their great advantage. Their swords and staffs were tipped with powerful PLEBs that assisted them in protecting their realm in the Kingdom of The Lord of Light. PLEB side arms were standard issue for all military personnel for they also played a substantial role in the Punk Wars. Another great hybrid to lead the forces against the Dark Empire in the Punk Wars was The Shelldelorian. (Check out the Shelldelorian sculpture.) He was the commander for the armed forces and built, owned, and flew one of the finest speedercrafts around. It was well armed with PLE weaponry, including PLEBs and a force field that was impenetrable to any Dark Empire weapons. The Shelldelorian had a fleet of a thousand speeder crafts including battleships, tank ships, and troop movers. These war vehicles, through AST, hovered above the ground from 3 feet to 10 feet and were propelled by PLEPUs, Pure Light Energy Propulsion Units. These vehicles, if required, could travel at the speed of light. That was rarely needed, however part of the defense capabilities for these crafts was that they could travel faster than any vehicle, missile, rocket, or bullet that the armies of the Dark Empire launched at them. We are talking about, zero to a 100 mph in less than a second. This ability to out maneuver the enemy of the Dark Lord was a key factor in winning the Punk Wars. Go figure. Queen Punk Snail was a true follower and believer in the Lord of Light. The Queen herself was gifted with prophecy, telepathy, mind control, visions, and healing.The Steampunk community, as well as the rest of the Kingdom, held her in high regard and often consulted her on a variety of subjects.

Princess Shia, Jet Light Rocketeer

Princess Shia, Jet Light Rocketeer of the 7th order of The Lord of Light, is the commander of the Rocketeer Air fleet that played a significant role in the victory in the Punk Wars. They ran counter surveillance missions, along with surgical airstrikes on targets behind enemy lines. Aside from the involvement in those wars, the Rocketeer Air fleet had a greater mission set forth by The Lord of Light. Their mission was to take the message of Light salvation and true life through The Lord of Light, to the outer reaches of the galaxy, and eventually beyond to distant galaxies. The influence of evil goes far beyond the Dark Empire of this planet, so The Lord of Light took proactive measures in stopping the spread of evil and darkness throughout the Universe.

A Jet Light Rocketeer is either a human, human/machine, or an android machine that travels through space by means of a AST jetpack on their back. With Advanced Steampunk Technology, the jet light propulsion unit allows a rocketeer to travel the speed of light to distant parts of the galaxy without refueling. The rocketeers suit is equipped with Pure Light Energy receptors that allow for a constant source of energy to drive the propulsion unit on their backs. They are well equipped with PLEBs for protection and for dispelling evil and darkness on any planet they are mission assigned to visit. A blast from a PLEB was known as a deliverance blast. They were weapons for a holy war, the Punk Wars. An amazing stat about the Rocketeers is their death rate in battle or missions. AST applied to rocketeering gave Rocketeers such an advantage over their opponents, that there was less than a 1% termination rate while on duty. ( See Princess Shia sculpture.)

Spy Drones

As part of the reconnaissance efforts in the Punk Wars, steampunk spy drones were developed and used a great deal. Drones were around for a while before the wars. They were mostly used for recreation, hobbies, and aerial photography. Like a weather balloon, they carried great payloads of scientific equipment into the atmosphere for AST research and development. For the Punk Wars, they were developed to gather vital information on the goings and comings of the enemy and so helped in outwitting them at almost every turn. These spy drones, like the jet light rocketeer were equipped with Pure Light Energy receptors that allowed them to travel for as long a time that was needed to carry out their mission. Drones like these were usually disguised as birds, of course, and blended in well with flocks of birds of their own kind. Only the trained eye could tell the difference between a real bird and a spy drone.

Owl Punk was especially successful during the night flights, with special optics that allowed visibility far superior to any instruments the enemy could invent. Spy drones were usually equipped with weapons powered by PLE, for defense as well as offense. Often they were needed for strikes on strategic targets, such as buildings, water crafts, air ships, other drones, and other military equipment or outposts.

The Silver Swan was designed for flight as well as moving on or below the water. The Silver Swan flies at speeds up to 100 mph when needed, and swims up to speeds of 50 mph when needed. Advanced steampunk microbotics allowed for drones to be as small as a fly, a moth, and a hummingbird. Jetlight Rocketeers were also helpful in spying on the Dark Empire. They could hover miles above enemy territory without being seen or picked up on radar. Drones were also equipped with cloaking devices and force fields for close up work. After the war, these drones developed into drone pets. Yes I know, that sounds silly. But people loved them. Robotics were developed into personal helpers. House work and tutoring were common robotic services. At one time it was thought that robots would replace humans some day, or that humans would replace the Lord of Light for robotics dependency and idolatry. Once again the Lord of Light foresaw this and never allowed this type of technology to be developed through AST.

Peace Times

Long before and long after the Punk Wars, the Steampunk realm was at peace with themselves as well as the rest of the world. This was largely due to their devotion to the Lord of Light. Even during wartime there was a calmness and an assurance that The Kingdom was a relatively safe place to be, given the fact that their Lord was far superior to that of any other lords or powers. They had enormous amounts of technology, science, and culture to offer to all who wanted and needed it, for good cause and pure of heart purposes of course. But above and beyond that they had the light, love, and healing powers of The Lord of Light to offer all. Many came to know The Lord of Light and the wonders of Pure Light Energy. Any one wanting to use PLE for their own selfish gain, like power and unnecessary wealth gain, soon found themselves losing touch with The Lord of Light and falling out of the good grace of Him and the realm of PLE. The selfish heart is doomed to fail.

Steampunk in all its design, style, application, fashion, and purpose, was born out of the ages of the Industrial Revolution. They were pioneers in the first steam engine design and manufacturing. The style and flavor of Steampunk design was a reflection of the industrial/mechanical era of the times. Aspects of design were complex, extravagance, meticulous, and even excessive at times. Often steampunk designers and builders would operate in this fashion simply for the sure pleasure of being extraordinary and extravagant. Artistic purposes were as important as mechanical considerations. From pipings to fittings, and gears to chains, to gauges and gadgets, and from steam hydraulics to pistons, and a lot of welding and metal, steampunk artists, designers, and builders created a world of wonder. Much of this was due to the presence of The Lord of Light in their lives. As the creator of the Universe, His creativity flows into His followers, allowing them to flourish in this area. Many people and creatures devoted their lives to The Lord of Light but it was the Steampunk community that seemed almost like a chosen people, blessed and favored throughout the world.


All forms of travel as mentioned in war times existed in peace time as well. All military equipment was kept up and ready for any need that would arise. The Dark empire could never be trusted and deterrence was crucial. Public and personal transport was constantly being redesigned to meet the needs of the Kingdom and the changing times. Speeder crafts and jetpacks became extremely popular but were not the only mode of transportation. The internal combustion engine was still used and great advances in design and development were driven by Advance Steampunk Technology. Air ships were a huge development during post war time. Such vessels like The Air Light Ships, could hold up to a thousand passengers. Sometimes just for business travel and other times for pleasure. One could travel on a luxury Air Light Ship for weeks or months on end, with full accommodations while they traveled the world. These ships had glass floor observation decks as well as crystal glass windows in all cabins, dining rooms, conference rooms,and ballrooms, all for the pleasure of a spectacular view of the world below them. (The Air Light Ship sculpture is under construction and should be completed in 2023!)

The first airships were your basic hydrogen filled blimp type balloon with a gondola attached. Large propeller units were used to advance and maneuver these airships. Then the gondola became more elaborate and took on the shapes of actual ship hulls. Some ships masts and sails to help propel the airship. This was the unique style and design of the steampunk engineering community and became a trademark known throughout the world. Through the development of Advanced Steampunk Technology, the hydrogen blimp was replaced with the Pure Light Energy Propulsion Unit, the PLEBU. These cutting edge air light ships could move forwards and backward, and turn on a dime without any adverse reaction to the passengers. Just as impressive was their ability to hoover anywhere and at any height. Steampunk scientists discovered how to use PLE to propel vessels on land, air, and water. There are even space vessels designed for exploration of solar systems throughout our galaxy. Given that these space vessels are driven by PLE, they can travel at the speed of light. Their source of power and energy was limitless. It significantly advanced space exploration travel.

The Grand Cathedral

Houses of worship to The Lord of Light took on many different styles of architecture, most of them in the Steampunk design. Steampunk influences were heavy with gears, chains, exposed piping and steam generator, gothic looking towers and spires, and a dominating mechanical look. The Grand Cathedral is a prime example of the architecture in this style. Built years before the advances in Pure Light Energy Steampunk Technology, the Grand Cathedral is powered in the classic ways of the steam engines. This steam engine provides heating, lighting, and the powers to drive all the mechanical operations of the cathedral. Large towers and spires, elevators and escalators, and 2 steam driven electric generators are all powered and controlled by a unusually large classic steam engine. The original water heating, steam producing source was a traditional coal burning furnace. However, Advanced Steampunk Technology with the use of Pure Light Energy had developed a method of heating water to create steam in order to power mechanics, drive generators, and provide heating. As spectacular as these cathedrals and houses of worship were, followers of The Lord of Light knew that these spectacular creations were not to be held in such high regard that it took their focus of awe and reverence away from The Lord. The close followers knew that the presence of the Lord could be found anywhere, in their homes, out in nature, in a house of worship, and especially in the hearts of the believer.

Wind and Sound Wheels

Other traditional sources of energy that pre dated AST and PLE, were wind, water, and solar power. Of course AST eventually helped to increase the efficiency of these sources of power. The Wind and Sound Wheels were a great source of electricity generation, while at the same time created beautiful sounds that traveled throughout communities and cities. The sounds are those of ringing bells and chimes, along with wooden flutes and whistles that sound off when wind passes over them, as well as wooden blocks and assorted tic-tocks, all creating a symphony of natural sounds. Definitely enchanting. These Wind and Sound Wheels stood anywhere from 20’ to 200’ tall. On long windy days the sound wheel can be disengaged so as not to drive anyone crazy. On a good wind day, due to AST, enough electricity can be generated to power a small city for a week.

With the advances in Steampunk Technologies and the harnessing of PLE, wind, solar, and water sources of energy became somewhat obsolete. The efficiency of Pure Light Energy was so great that no other sources of energy were really needed to meet the needs of the world, at least the world of Pure Light Energy and The Lord of Light. Remember that not all the world believed in The Lord of Light. Certainly not the Dark Empire, for they followed the darkest lord in the known Universe. They were stuck in the stone age, so to speak, with antiquated methods for wind, water, fire and solar power. The communities and cities of the realm of The Lord of Light continued to operate these wind and sound wheels, long after their generating abilities were replaced with PLE. Many still used these wind wheels to generate electricity, if not just for tradition and keepsake but also for the amazing sounds the sound wheels make. Followers had grown so enchanted with the sounds of the sound wheels, that they kept them as a part of their lives. The sounds had a calming and meditative effect on the listeners. It was believed by some that The Lord of Light spoke to His followers through these wind wheels. Pretty trippy right?

Solar Powered Telescope

Solar power was being developed and used just before the discovery of PLE, Pure Light Energy. That was predictable since these two energy sources both came from a light source. One light source came from a ball of burning gasses that The Lord of Light himself lit on fire, solar power. The other being a source of super energy, designed and generated by The Lord of All. This was PLE. This is by far the most powerful source of energy ever found in the Universe. When He gave his followers the technology for solar, I think He might have been giving them a little hint of what's to come. One great invention was a Solar Powered Telescope that collects solar energy by day and views the stars, planets, and galaxies by night. The light from the sun hits a field of solar reflectors, which reflects on to solar collectors and is then transformed into storable energy, stored in high capacity battery units. This electricity powers all the mechanical apparatus and lighting for the telescope. As well it powers a highly advanced security system needed to protect this facility, from none other than the Dark Lord. Besides stargazing and astronomy, the telescope can see distances halfway around the world. Through AST, Advanced Steampunk Technology, this telescope can bend its view to follow the surface of the earth. This was extremely valuable during the Punk Wars, to spy on the enemy. As well it can operate during the day and the night. One unique feature of the Solar powered telescope is the lightning rod tower. It attracts and absorbs any lightning strikes and stores the energy harnessed from it in the high capacity battery units. This solar observatory stands about 90 feet tall and rotates and spins to cover the entire skyline. It's a mechanical marvel.

Lamps and Lights

With the conversion of PLE to actual visible light, entire cities and communities were lit with PLE. The steampunk community was big on making custom lamps and light fixtures. They were true artisans and always gave their work a true steampunk look and design. ( Check the various lamp sculptures. Visionary Lamp, Lawnmower Lamp, Light Castle, Wedding Lamp, Elegant Lamp, Steampunk Lamp, Owl Punk, Silver Swan, and Electric Punk Lamp) Often they would repurpose metals and materials to build and craft with. Their culture and their appreciation for nature were reflected in  their artistic endeavors and lamp making. Great monuments, sculptures, and statues were built as light houses or beacons in the night. Lawnmower Lamp and Steampunk Lamp are replicas of lighthouses, beacons on the coast for ships navigating at night. Light Castles were designed and built with enormous globes of light built into them. The Kings and Queens of these Light Castles were rulers over the land of The Lord. They were deeply dedicated to The Lord of Light and served faithfully as beacons of light throughout the Kingdom. Crystal receptors of PLE adorn the castles, and supply enough energy for the entire castle as well as the surrounding community. The light emitted from any lamp or light powered by PLE, has a calming peaceful effect on those illuminated by it, similar to that of the calming sounds of the Wind and Sound Wheels. The lasting peace that is promised to the followers of The Lord of Light, is partly due to the body being exposed to this light source. Through the eyes and skin, enlightening and healing powers are absorbed and have beneficial effects on the mind, body, and spirit. This is also one of the effects that occur when a blast from a PLEB, Pure Light Energy Blaster, explodes in an area of darkness and evil. The inhabitants either flee for their lives or they are instantly transformed out of darkness. As mentioned before, these were known as deliverance blasts.


From hobbies to professional equipment to military machines, robotics play a big part in Advanced Steampunk Technology. Dragons and scorpions and the like, were a favorite amongst the hobbyists and amateur machine builders. Shows and competitions were a regular occurrence in the steampunk world, to show off and exhibit the great gifts the Lord of Light bestowed upon His artisans. Gearbots were used in many parts of steampunk life, everywhere from factories to homes and from hospitals to military installations. (See Punkhead Gearbot sculpture.) Gearbots were also designed and used in areas where it was dangerous and potentially harmful to humans. As mentioned earlier, drones were developed through AST, to actually fly. Not just by means of positioned propeller units, but also by means of mechanical wings that cleverly mimicked that of an actual bird. The Silver Swan and Owl Punk were prototypes that successfully launched an entire fleet of spy drones for the military effort against the Dark Empire in the Punk Wars.

The entire Advanced Steampunk Technology community and industry were gifted in the area of designing, building, and maintaining machinery of all types and purposes. They revolutionized so many aspects in the industrial revolution that they became world renown and were sought after by the top thinkers and scientists throughout the world, for guidance and inspiration. As well their devotion to The Lord of Light was well known and widely spread. Openly, the followers often acknowledged that AST and PLE would not be possible without Him. They used the giftings of AST and PLE to draw attention to and glorify the Lord of Light. It drew many people and creatures to Him.

Long Live the Lord of Light!

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