The camera has been dazzling us for over 4 centuries. It has allowed us to see glimpses of people and places most of us wouldn’t have the opportunity to experience. Who would have thought 4 hundred years ago, that most people on this planet today have a smart phone camera, much less a conventional camera, clicking off millions of pictures a day, and storing then somewhere out there in the clouds. Try to explain that to the camera buffs in the 17th century. I have 3 cameras that I have worked with, but I will sheepishly admit the my smart phone is my favorite. I know, I probable just lost a bunch of respect and creds from the “real photographers”. It’s okay, I’m in good company, which includes most of us. The truth is, if you like a photo, then that’s all that counts. Who really cares what camera you used. I will let you be the judge. All pieces are available in prints for sale.

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About Matt Skulski

Matt Skulski has discovered and embraced his creative genius with his unique sculptures, fine art and photography. His latest work revolves around a steampunk inspired story of The Lord of Light and Pure Light Energy, which has introduced amazing one-of-a-kind futuristic sculptures that are simply out of this world.

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