Scorpion Punk

About the Sculpture

Scorpion Punk is one of the first generation Steampunk machines that were powered by an actual steam engine. Built into the bowels of this scorpion machine is a small nuclear reactor which heats a ultra-condensed supply of hydrogen and oxygen, to produce steam. As with all good steam engines, it operates all the mechanical parts of the scorpion machine. The knife blade stinger tail delivers an electromagnetic pulse that will either parallize or kill any form of organic life, and bring to an a grinding halt any other machine that threatens. With in reason that is. Check out the mirrors on the stinger tail. When its prey looks into these mirrors, they become disoriented and even hypnotized. Then Scorpion Punk delivers the fatal strike. Truly, highly Advanced Steampunk Technology. 95% of the materials used to build this piece are repurposed. Salvaging used building materials is a fancy way of saying junk collecting. My wife calls it junk, I call it art supplies.


Sculpture: Scorpion Punk

Original: One-of-a-kind Artwork

Dimensions: W-24” D-10” H-12”

Weight: 25lbs.

This one-of-kind piece is available for purchase and currently accepting offers.

Asking Price: $10,000.00 minimum

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About Matt Skulski

Matt Skulski has discovered and embraced his creative genius with his unique sculptures, fine art and photography. His latest work revolves around a steampunk inspired story of The Lord of Light and Pure Light Energy, which has introduced amazing one-of-a-kind futuristic sculptures that are simply out of this world.

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